M.U.S.H. – Multi-User Sensorial Hallucination

a videosonic network installation by Eléonore Hellio & Joachim Montessuis

M.U.S.H. is a long term research project developed at the V2Lab, presented during the DEAF festival in Rotterdam in 2004, a videosonic telepresence experiment between two spaces, including extreme noise interaction with wireless accelerometers sensors, neural network and real time processing.
Original link and infos : http://www.eternalnetwork.org/mush

two spaces
two participants
mixed reality
wireless turbulence
high bandwidth
drones, noises
videosonic cannibalism
potential telepathy
neural network
flickering shadows

with the co-operation of :
Stock, hardware engineer (sofware too) from V2 Jean-Christophe Lanquetin for the scenography

txt français
: concept & description 2005/2006
txt english : concept & description of BETA version 2004

technical map (english)

M.U.S.H. at V2_ DEAF Festival 2004
visual journal day2day

Research & Development with V2_LAB 2005/2006
Production : V2 Rotterdam, Eternal Network
Partners : DICREAM, AFAA, Pépinières européennes

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