The SAFE DISTANCE REVISITED action is based on the video found in 1999 during the NATO intervention against Yugoslavia. This initial HI-8 tape was found, edited and post-produced by the group of artists in Novi Sad, then called SAFE DISTANCE. The tape was recorded on board of one of several fighter planes, and shows the last moments before the plane crashed. The pilot’s display is the only connection he has with the outside world; he is isolated from the reality he produces on the ground below. Every object is part of this virtual display which the pilot is completely dependent upon. This is a very unique tape, absolutely rare and potentially disturbing.
I went to Novi-Sad in 2004 and went to see people at, they gave me a copy of this tape and was facinated by its intensity. I then used it in a clash process with my own noise crescendos actions.


download the complete SAFE DISTANCE REVISITED – 720X576 .mov – 271MB
download the original SAFE DISTANCE HI-8 tape found and edited by – 720X576 .avi – 223MB

Performances (selection) :

  • 20040125 SONIC CAPITALS festival – Paris
  • 20040822 Live on the cruise boat during ISEA 2004
  • 20040110 Live + Jam during SIGNAL SEVER with team @ Nuit Blanche – Cité universitaire – Paris. Performance live de musiciens, d’artistes visuels et d’experts en télécommunication satellite et haute fréquence de Acoustic Space Lab, Ellipse, Projekt Atol, Makrolab et Pact Systems jouant live avec la télévision satellite, le radar et travaillant avec les zones radios du spectre électromagnétique. Video extract signal_sever [22MB]
  • 20061002 CHAMP LIBRE festival – Montréal
  • 20071110 ENTER3 festival – Prague – CZ


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