MOVING FOREST @ Transmediale – Berlin


live with vocalists Alexandra von Bolz’n & Vagina Jones
(sound system : 6 heads + 6 subs D&B, all over the exhibition)

AKA the castle is a temporal performance troop brought together to realize the 12 hour extravangaza “Moving Forest”. Conceived by Shu Lea Cheang ( and Martin Howse (, AKA the castle pushes the network performance genre by gathering soundists, silk threaders, writers, visual artists, software artists, wifi fielders for a durational performance fueled with remorse, betrayal and a grand act of insurgency from people/s front.

The players:
Castle (HKW)

Omen: Mattin

Remorse: Leif Elggren

Betrayal: Kaffe Matthews

Overthrow: Joachim Montessuis

Return: Phill Niblock

Mainframe: Aymeric Mansoux, Marloes de Valk, Chun Lee, Mattin, Valentina Vuksik

Sloganeer: Matthew Fuller

Arrows and blood: Linda Dement

Film eating: Graham Harwood G-8 blockade:

Time slice: Michael Aschauer

Vocalists: Alexandra von Bolz’n, Vagina Jones

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