Jajouka, Joujouka, Maroc

Trip to Joujouka, for the Master Musicians of Jajouka/Joujouka festival in Morocco – June 2009.

Joujouka.net for more infos.

“Joujouka was founded by the 8th century Sufi mystic Sidi Ahmed Scheich. It is famous for its Sufi trance music, its connections with the Beat Generation figure William Burroughs, Brion Gysin and Paul Bowles, Brian Jones and the Rolling Stones and the celebration called Boujelod which has been compared to the ancient Rites of Pan. In the past three decades visitors have included Ornette Coleman, John Giorno, Anita Pallenberg, Billy Corgan, Mick Jagger, Lee Renaldo and several other musicians seeking an intimate audience with Morocco’s most famous trance musicians.”

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