En/tangled Nations event

14 > 25.01.2007 : En/tangled Nations event @ Africa Center – CAPE TOWN – South Africa

Live action, noise crescendo and performance with Faustin Linyekula (Congo-Kinshasa), Neo Muyanga(Johannesburg) and Yeofi Andoh (a race of angels – Los Angeles),
+ satellite connexion with Johannesburg.

I’ve been invited by Faustin Linyekula and Dominique Malaquais at the brand new African Center in Stellenbosch, South African in January of 2007.
First to do a workshop on max/msp and also for creating a live performance teamed with 2 other musicians (Yeofi Andoh and Neo Muyanga) on Linyekula’s choreography, and also to brainstorm 3 days with the 80 people invited on what should/could be the new African Center.
It was hot, really hot. 45°C.
The performance was with a live video satellite connexion between the African Center and Johannesburg.It was hot, really hot. 45°C.











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